The Killer Zombies

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Chapter 1: The Killer Zombies ATTACK!Edit

One day at the dreamland graveyard, somebody went to the graveyard and snapped there fingers so he could kill the fly in his hands with his fingers. But then the zombies rose from there graves and attacked the man and made him into a ZOMBIE just like them! Next they went into the dream house but nobody was there for them to attack so they watched "The Young and the Restless" until finally someone named Dave came in and he responded "OMG why is it so dark and why are there zombies watching soap operas in my house"? The Zombies saw him and came walking towards him cause zombies can't run, jog, skip, jump, climb or anything else that involves movement. Dave decided to run upstairs and he had little time to get what he needed cause the zombies came crawling up the stairs very fast. Luckly he found an AK-47 and shot down all the zombies while the other zombies were attacking dreamland. Oh and zombie monkeys were showering when they noticed him and attacked him. But don't worry he didn't die cause he is Dave and we all know somebody with a bland name like that deserves but doesn't die.