Little Star Picture

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Chapter 1: Little Star and the LollipopsEdit

One Day Little Star was eating lots of Lollipops when he should have been eating his vegetables so he could grow big and strong. Then his mommy came into the room to tell him to stop eating his lollipops and start eating some vegetables. Sadly, Little Star didn't listen and he kept eating those lollipops forever and ever and ever and ever and ever until one day, it happened. He got Super Fat and was very sleepy that he fell asleep and then while he was sleeping he POPPED like a balloon with to much pressure. Luckly it was just a dream as he went back to sleep and the next day he started eating his vegetables and fruits and other healthy foods so he could become big and strong!

Chapter 2: Playing with PuzzlesEdit

Meanwhile at school his teacher gave him a puzzle to play with because he was bored and it was recess time. Little Star said "Puzzles are boring I wanna play with my friends". His Teacher "Miss Olea" told him to just give it a try and if he doesn't like it then he could go play with his friends. So he looked at the puzzle and he started playing with it and after a while he actually started to like it. He played with that puzzle and at one moment his friends came up and asked to play with him and he said he was busy with his puzzle. So they left him to go play some Star Ball while he was playing with the puzzle.He played with that puzzle for so long that when recess was over he was still playing with it cause he thought it was so much fun. But he had to put the puzzle away for later at home so he could get back to learning about math. And for now on he knew that puzzles are very fun if you give them a chance.